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Guide to Action Comics #1 reprints

1938 Original 10¢ issue
Detection Notes:
• There is white glare on front fender.
• The running board is yellow.
• There are beads of sweat coming off the "scared" man.
• There is a black "line" between the floating headlight and triangular green piece.
• The "floating rock" on the right edge.
• Until the 2006 Copied Edition surfaced (see below), no known reprints had duplicated all of these detection points.

1974 Famous First Edition C-26 $1.00
Oversized 10"x13½", 72 pages.
Exterior (left) and interior (right) covers shown.
Exterior cover is often removed and the interior is passed off as an original Action #1.

1976 reprint 10¢ cover price.
Paper cover, 16 pages.

1976 reprint Safeguard giveaway.
Paper cover, 16 pages.

1983 reprint Nestle Quick, 10¢ cover price.
Nestle rabbit on back cover. Interior front cover gives year of 1983.

1987 reprint Nestle Quick, 50¢ cover price.
Price in black box.

1988 reprint, 50¢ cover price.
Price in white box.
Direct Sale (left) and Newsstand (right) editions.

1992 reprint, $1.00 cover price.
Distributed with Death Of Superman trade paperback 1993.

1992 reprint, 10¢ cover price.
This copy has not been proven to be inside this set yet, but based on the other evidence it seems likely.

1993 reprint (Reign of Supermen insert?)
Overstreet may be confused with one of the above sets?
[No image available]

1998 reprint, USPS $7.95. Extra outer half-cover with first day issuance of Superman stamp.
No price visible on reprint cover.

2000 reprint. Millenium Edition w/Gold stamp.

2006? Copied Edition
• An exact duplicate of the original cover art including all detection points
• The one known copy that surfaced on eBay has the words "Copied Edition" printed above logo.
• Perhaps an European or underground reprint?
• Nothing more is known about this edition at this time.

The infamous xtci eBay copy, 10¢ cover price.
Originally the dimensions reported by eBay member xtci (Memphis, Tenn.) to inquisitive buyers matched those of the oversized Famous First Edition (image on left). After being exposed he trimmed the book down an inch across the bottom (image on right) and printed out a new cover. Now when he reports the dimensions they no longer match the FFE. Obviously trying to trick the buyer into thinking it is an original Action #1.

The cover appears to be on glossy paper stock and printed with a color inkjet printer as you can see some streaking in both images. The image he used undoubtedly came from an original Action #1 as the two main detection points exist on this homemade copy (glare on front fender and the yellow running board). But somehow the "beads of sweat" and the "black line" didn't survive the "photoshop" process.

This copy has turned up repeatedly on eBay and Yahoo auctions and was last reported to be listed at (using his first image once again).

On June 14, 2008, an article appeared on The Kansas City Star website claiming that a man named Jaquiez Douglas, of Memphis, Tenn., was suing Jay Parrino for stealing a collection consisting of books found in the listing. A copy of the original article can be viewed here: Missing comics caper marked by drama, big money.

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