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Detective Comics #27 Guide to reprints
Guide to Detective Comics #27 reprints
(click any image for a larger view)
1939 Original 10¢ issue
Detection Notes:
• Batman's rope runs through the top yellow border.
• The edge of a structure can be seen next to the stove pipe on the right.
• Bob Kane's signature present at lower right.
• Dept. 995 appears in address at bottom of back cover.
• Has top and bottom staples (two staples).

1974 Famous First Edition C-28 $1.00
Oversized 10"x13½", 72 pages.
Exterior front (left), interior front (middle), and interior back (right) covers shown.
Exterior cover is often removed and the interior is passed off as an original Detective #27.
• Dept. 995 missing in address at bottom of back cover.
• Has top, middle, and bottom staples (three staples).


1984 Nabisco/Oreo Cookie reprint.
Paper cover, 32 pages.
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