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Publisher Insignia and Indicia Data

BIP Comics: Publisher Insignia and Indicia Data A "Group" name was often used to identify a collection of publishing companies that were tied together, either by ownership or by the management company responsible for advertising. The Publisher-of-record lists here are for easy reference. Click on a Group title to access individual Group pages.
Dates in [] are from Statements of Ownership.
Dates in () are from indicias and/or covers.
Able Manufacturing Co.;
Ace Fiction Group
A. A. Wyn, Inc.; Ace Books, Inc.; Ace Magazines, Inc.; Ace Periodicals, Inc.; Current Books, Inc.; Humor Publications, Inc.; Junior Books, Inc.; Periodical House, Inc.; Unity Publishing Corp.;
Albrecht Publishing Company, Inc.;
All-Negro Comics
All-Negro Comics, Inc.;
Anglo-American Comics/Double 'A' Comics
Anglo-American Publishing Company Limited;
American Comics Group
B. & I. Publishing Co., Inc.; B. & M. Distributing Co., Inc.; Best Syndicated Features, Inc.; Creston Publications Corporation; Michel Publications, Inc.; Preferred Publications, Inc.; Regis Publications, Inc.; Rotary Litho Co., Ltd. (surrogate?); Scope Magazines, Inc.; Titan Publishing Co., Inc.;
Archie Comic Group/Double Action Comic Group
Archie Comic Publications; Archie Comic Publications, Inc.; Archie Enterprises, Inc.; Archie Music Corp.; Close-Up, Inc.; M. L. J. Magazines, Inc.; Radio Comics, Inc.;
Argo Publishing Company, Inc.;
Atlas Comics; Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.;
Avalon Communications
Avalon Communications;
Aviation Press
Aviation Press, Inc.;
Avon Comics Group
Avon Comics, Inc.; Avon Periodicals, Inc.; Hearst Corporation, Avon Book Division; Realistic Comics, Inc.;
Baily Publishing Co.;
Bilbara Publishing Co., Inc.; Worth Publishing Co., Inc.;
Burten Magazine Distributing Co.;
Jay Burtis;
Cambridge House
Cambridge House;
Carlton Publishing Corp.;
Catechetical Guild
Catechetical Guild Educational Society;
Centaur Comic Group
Centaur Publications, Inc.; Comic Corporation of America; Harle Publications, Inc.; H-K Publications, Inc.;
Charlton Comics Group
Capitol Stories, Inc.; Charles Publishing Co.; Charlton Comics; Charlton Comics, Inc.; Charlton Comics Group; Charlton Press, Inc.; Charlton Publications, Inc.; Charlton Royal Comics, Inc.; Childrens Comics Publishers, Inc.; Children's Comics Publishers, Inc.; Frank Comunale Publishing Company; Frank Publishing Company; Law and Order Magazines, Inc.; Special Action Comics, Inc.; Toby Press of Conn., Inc.;
Cima Publishing Co.;
Columbia Comics
Columbia Comic Corporation; Publication Enterprises;
Comic Magazines
Comic Magazines Distributors, Inc.;
Comic Media
Allen Hardy Associates, Inc.; Artful Publications, Inc.; Harwell Publications, Inc.; Mystery Publishing Company, Inc.;
Comics Magazine Company
Comics Magazine Company, Inc.;
Consolidated Book Publishers
Consolidated Book Publishers;
Consolidated Magazines
Consolidated Magazines, Inc.;
Continental Magazines
Brookwood Publishing Company, Inc.; Continental Magazines, Inc.; Et-Es-Go Magazines, Inc.; Helnit Publishing Co., Inc.; Nita Publishing Co, Inc.; Tem Publishing Co., Inc.;
Cross Publications, Inc.; Victoria Publications, Inc.;
Fact and Fiction Publications; Ken Crossen; Spark Publications;
Croydon Publishing Company;
Dandy Magazines
Dandy Magazines, Inc.;
Fred W. Danner;
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.;
Dearfield Publishing Company, Inc.; J. Charles Laue Publishing Company;
Dell Comics Group/Dell Super Comics Group
Dell Publishing Co., Inc.;
Devil's Due Publishing
Devil's Due Publishing;
Don Fortune Publishing Company
Don Fortune Publishing Company;
George W. Dougherty;
D.S. Publishing
D.S. Publishing Company, Inc.;
Elliot Publishing Co., Inc.;
Entertaining Comics Group
E.C. Publications, Inc.; Educational Comics, Inc.; Entertaining Creations, Inc.; Fables Publishing Co., Inc.; I. C. Publishing Co., Inc.; L. L. Publishing Co., Inc.; School Comics, Inc.; Tiny Tot Comics, Inc.;
Fago Magazines
Fago Magazines, Inc.;
Famous Funnies Group/Heroic Comics Group
Eastern Color Printing Co.; Famous Funnies, Inc.;
Farrell Comics Group
Ajax Publications, Inc.; Excellent Publications, Inc.; Farrell Comics, Inc.; Four Star Comic Corp.; Four-Star Publications, Inc.; Steinway Comic Pub., Inc.; Steinway Pub., Inc.; Superior Comics, Inc.; World Famous Comics, Inc.;
Fawcett Comics Group
Fawcett Publications, Inc.;
Fiction House Magazines
Fiction House, Inc.; Fight Stories, Inc.; Flying Stories, Inc.; Glen-Kel Pub. Co.; Love Romances Pub. Co., Inc.; Real Adventures Pub. Co., Inc.; Wings Publishing Co., Inc.;
Fox Comics Group
Bruns Publications, Inc.; Chicago Nite Life News, Inc. (surrogate); Fox Feature Syndicate, Inc.; Fox Features Syndicate, Inc.; Fox Publications, Inc.; Hero Books, Inc.; Larkin, Roosevelt & Larkin (surrogate); R. W. Voigt (surrogate); Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc. (surrogate);
Fuller Publishing Company, Inc.;
Gerona Publishing Co.;
Gilberton Company, Inc.;
Gleason Publications/Magazine House Group/Comic House Group
Boy Comics Publishers, Inc.; Comic House, Inc.; Junior Readers' Guild, Inc.; Daredevil Publishers, Inc.; Lev Gleason Publications, Inc.; Lev Gleason Enterprises Corp.; Magazine House; Magazine House, Inc.; New Friday Publications, Inc.; Newsbook Publishing Corporation; Your Guide Publications, Inc.;
Good Comics
Good Comics, Inc.;
Great American Comics
Peter George Four Star Publication;
Great Comics
Great Comics Publications, Inc.;
Green (Universal Phoenix/Norlen)
Green Publishing Co.; Norlen Magazines Inc.; Universal Phoenix Features Syndicate;
Champ Publishing Co.;
Harvey Comics Group
Alfred Harvey; Family Comics, Inc.; Fighting Forces Publications, Inc.; Harvey Enterprises, Inc.; Harvey Features Syndicate; Harvey Picture Magazine, Inc.; Harvey Picture Magazines, Inc.; Harvey Publications; Harvey Publications, Inc.; Home Comics, Inc.; Western Tales, Inc.; Witches Tales, Inc.;
Heroes All Company
Heroes All Company;
Hillman Publications
Hillman Periodicals, Inc.; Hillman-Curi, Inc.;
Holyoke Publishing Co., Inc.;
F. E. Howard Publications Ltd.;
Image Comics, Inc.;
Interfaith Committee of Protestant Digest, Inc.;
I.W. Enterprises, Inc.; Super Comics, Inc.;
299 Lafayette Street Corp.; News in Color and Action, Inc.;
Leader Enterprises
Leader Enterprises, Inc.;
Palace Promotions Inc.; R. B. Leffingwell and Co.; R. B. Leffingwell Co.;
Magazine Enterprises
Life's Romances Publishing Company; Magazine Enterprises; Magazine Enterprises, Inc.; Magazine Enterprises of Canada, Ltd.; Magazine Enterprizes; Parkway Publishing Company; Sussex Publishing Company, Inc.;
John F. Mahon;
Mainline Publications
Mainline Publications, Inc.;
Marvel Comics Group
20th Century Comic Corp.; Animirth Comics, Inc.; Atlas Magazines, Inc.; Broadcast Features Publications, Inc.; Canam Publishers Sales Corp.; Chipiden Publishing Corporation; Classic Detective Stories, Inc.; Comedy Publications, Inc.; Comic Combine Corp.; Complete Photo Story Corp.; Cornell Publishing Corp.; Current Detective Stories, Inc.; Daring Comics, Inc.; Fantasy Comics, Incorporated; Interstate Publishing Corp.; London Publishing Corporation; Male Publishing Corp.; Manvis Publications, Inc.; Margood Publishing Corporation; Marjean Magazine Corp.; Marvel Comics; Marvel Comics, Inc.; Marvel Comics Group; Medalion Publishing Corp.; Non-Pareil Publishing Corp.; Official Comics, Inc.; Prime Publications, Inc.; Select Publications, Inc.; Snap Publishing Co., Inc.; Timely Comics, Inc.; Timely Publications; U.S.A. Comic Corp.; U.S.A. Comic Magazine Corp.; Vista Publications Inc.; Western Fiction Publishing Co., Inc.; Young Allies, Inc.; Zenith Publishing Corp.
Golfing, Inc.; Home Guide Publications; McCombs Publications, Inc.;
Medal Comics
Aragon Magazines, Inc.; Gillmor Magazines, Inc.; Key Publications; Key Publications, Inc.; Media Publications, Inc.; S. P. M Publications, Inc.; Stanmor Publications, Inc.;
Merit Publications, Inc.;
MF Enterprises
M.F. Enterprises, Inc.;
National Comics Group/Detective Comics Group
All-American Comics, Inc.; DC Comics, Inc.; J. R. Publishing Co.; Jolaine Publications, Inc.; National Periodical Publications, Inc.; Signal Publishing Company;
Parents' Magazine
"21" Publishing Corp.; Calling All Boys, Inc.; Calling All Girls, Inc.; Commended Comics, Inc.; The Good Comics Division of Parents' Institute; Parents' Institute, Inc.; Parents' Magazine Press, Inc.; Parents' Magazine Press, a division of The Parents' Institute, Inc.; Polly Pigtails, Inc.; Quality Comics, Inc.; Real Heroes, Inc.; Sweet Sixteen, Inc.; True Comics, Inc.;
Geo. A. Pflaum, Publisher, Inc.;
Preferred Comics Group
Jubilee Publications, Inc.; St. John Publishing Company; St. John Publishing Corporation;
Premier Magazines
Premier Magazines, Inc.; Swat Malone Enterprises, Inc.;
Premium Group of Comics
Premium Group of Comics, a Division of The Premium Service Co., Inc.; Novelty Press Division of The Premium Service Co., Inc.; Novelty Press, Inc.;
Prize Comic Group
American Boys' Comics, Inc.; Crestwood Publishing Co., Inc.; Feature Publications, Inc.; Headline Publications, Inc.;
Quality Comics Group
Arnold Publications; Arnold Publications, Inc.; Everett M. Arnold; E. M. Arnold; Comic Favorites, Inc.; Comic Magazines; Comic Magazines, Inc.; Vital Publications, Inc. (surrogate);
Red Top Comics
Decker Publications, Inc.;
Seaboard Publishers
Famous Authors Ltd.; Seaboard Publishers, Inc.;
Skywald Publishing Corporation;
J. Edward Slavin;
Standard Comics Group/Thrilling Comics Group
Animated Cartoons, Inc.; Best Books, Inc.; Better Publications, Inc.; Better Publications of Canada, Ltd.; Literary Enterprises, Inc.; Nedor Publishing Company; Pines Publications Limited; Standard Magazines, Inc.; Visual Editions, Inc.; William H. Wise Co., Inc. (surrogate);
Star Comics
Star Publications, Inc.;
Feature Television Productions; Nesbit Publishers, Inc.; Sterling Comics, Inc.;
Story Comics
Master Comics, Inc.; Mens Publications, Inc.; Story Comics, Inc.;
Street & Smith Comics Group
Street & Smith Publications, Inc.;
Superior Comic
Superior Publishers Limited;
Accepted Publications, Inc.; Timor Publications, Inc.;
Toby Press Group
Minoan Publishing Corp.; Toby Press, Inc.;
Trojan Magazines
Master Comics, Inc.; Ribage Publishing Corp.; Stanhall Publications, Inc.; Trojan Magazines, Inc.;
Ultem Publications
Chesler Publications, Inc.; Ultem Publications, Inc.;
United Feature Comics Group
United Feature Syndicate, Inc.;
Universal Comic Group
Almanac Publishing Co.; Farm Women's Publishing Co.; Gail Hillson; Lindsay L. Baird, Inc.; Publicaciones Recreativas, S.A.; Rewl Publications Inc.; Rural Home Publishing Co.;
Wanted Comic Group
Orbit Publications, Inc.; Patches Publications, Inc.; Taffy Publications, Inc.; Toytown Publications, Inc.;
Western Publishing Company (Gold Key/Whitman)
Western Publishing Company, Inc.;
World's Greatest Comics
Dynamic Publications, Inc.; Flying Cadet Publishing Co., Inc.; H. Clay Glover Company; Harry "A" Chesler Features Syndicate, Inc.; Harry "A" Chesler Jr. Features Syndicate, Inc.; Magazine Press; Remington Morse (surrogate);
Youthful Magazines
Bimfort, Inc.; Pix Parade, Inc.; Stamp Comics, Inc.; Western Comics, Inc.; Youthful Magazines, Inc.;
Ziff-Davis Comic Group
Approved Comics, Inc.; Ziff-Davis Publishing Company;
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