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Publisher Insignia and Indicia Data (return to index)

BIP Comics: Publisher Insignia and Indicia Data
Ultem Publications

Title Owner:
• Star Comics
[7-Oct-1937] #9: Frank Z. Temerson; I. W. Ullman; C. & A. Publishing Co.;

Publishers of Record:
• Chesler Publications, Inc.
Star Comics (3,5); Star Ranger (2);
• Ultem Publications, Inc.
Funny Pages (v2n1-v2n4); Funny Picture Stories (v2n3); Star Comics (7,9); Star Ranger (7);

• Editorial Office:
276 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. (Apr 1937)-(Jan 1938)
• Office of Publication:
420 DeSoto Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. (Apr 1937)-(Aug 1937)
404 Fourth Avenue, N.Y.C. [7-Oct-1937]
Mount Morris, Illinois (Sep 1937)-(Jan 1938)

• Publisher:
Harry "A" Chesler (Aug 1937)-(Nov 1937)
• Editor:
Harry "A" Chesler (Aug 1937)-(Jan 1938)
• Managing Editor:
George Nagle (Aug 1937)-(Jan 1938)
Kenneth Fitch (Nov 1937)
• Business Manager:
Frank Z. Temerson [7-Oct-1937]

Note: Company was started by Harry Chesler in 1936. Titles were published by Chesler Publications, Inc. Chesler sold the company in 1937 to Ullman and Temerson. Titles were then published by Ultem Publications, Inc., out of the same office. Chesler stayed with the company as editor.

Note: Comics Magazine Company titles were acquired by Ultem in 1937. Some Ultem issues have double indicias as the covers had already been printed by the Comics Magazine Company.

Note: Ultem titles were acquired by Centaur in 1938.

Statements of Ownership:
Star Comics #9 (Jan 1938)

  1936 1937 1938
Jan     Star Comics #9
Apr   Star Ranger #2
May   Star Comics #3
Aug   Star Comics #5
Sep   Funny Pages v2n1
Oct   Funny Pages v2n2
Nov   Funny Pages v2n3
Funny Picture Stories v2n3
Star Comics #7
Star Ranger #7
Dec   Funny Pages v2n4
  1936 1937 1938

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